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How can I help?

KMAC Auto Repair offers servicing, MOTs, timing belt replacement, brakes servicing, clutch replacement, air conditioning servicing, vehicle diagnostics, auto electrics, welding and breakdown repairs.

I am fully insured and offer guarantees on all work undertaken. I hold a comprehensive Motor Traders insurance policy and I am a qualified vehicle technician with over 20 years experience in the motor trade.

I am ideally located to offer a mobile mechanic service to the Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Thetford, Cambridge and Haverhill communities. I can service or repair your vehicle at your home or place of work at a time convenient to you. Please call for a free quotation.

About Me

I am Kevin McCormick, a local man living in the village of Gazeley between Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds, where I live with my wife and family. I served my apprenticeship twenty years ago as a mechanic working for a Renault / Ford dealership and then went on to work for an Audi / Volkswagen and BMW specialist. I have vast experience of all makes and models of car and light commercials.

Car Diagnostics

Often I can make a pretty reliable diagnosis from just knowing the make and model of your vehicle combined with a brief description of the fault. In such cases I can usually give an estimate over the phone. Where the problem is more enigmatic, I can make a diagnostic visit to pin it down and advise the cost of a repair. My computerised equipment will communicate with your car's internal management systems to read, analyse and reset codes in even the most modern vehicles.

Timing Belts

Replacing the timing belt or cambelt is one of the most critical service activities. If not changed at the specified interval it can fail resulting in sudden and catastrophic engine damage. On the other hand if the timing belt is not fitted perfectly, that too can end in disaster.

Most vehicles require locking kits specific to the model. Common practice by independant mechanics and garages is use all manner of cobbled together pins, bolts and improvised widgets to try and dodge the overhead inherent in the purchase of the correct tools. The fitting, positioning and tensioning of the timing belt is so important that cutting corners is madness.

I have vast experience of timing belt changes. I have the data and equipment to enable me to fit timing belts in accordance with the strict specifications of the manufacturer. I have a huge array of OEM locking kits and accept that if a job arises that requires a locking kit that I do not already own, then part of the unavoidable overhead of being a reputable mobile mechanic is to rectify that situation. I never cut corners. Every nut and bolt is torqued to the manufacturers specification and I check and recheck every step in the process. I don't just do it, I do it perfectly and I guarantee my work.

Air Conditioning Service

I can service and repair all types of vehicle air conditioning. I have a specialist machine that goes PING.



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